Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Before Becoming a Photographer let’s become a better person

Keep the surroundings clean, avoid eatables in the class premises.

Try to maintain the decorum in all premises.

If any damage or loss occurs to the academy property fine will be charged.

Recording is not allowed in the class premises.

One step ahead is to be on time for the class.

Prior information is required if you are not able to attend the class. Please note that the class will not be repeated.

During the outdoor tours prompt cancellation will not be accepted.

Portfolio should be submitted in the given deadline.

Follow the lines of Gandhiji treat everyone equal, do not discriminate on any grounds like cast, sex, color, etc.

Try to maintain a healthy atmosphere, focus should be on contents so be decent in clothing.

Installment should be cleared without any personal notification (?)

For Product and Fashion shoot students should have their own products and models.

Tours' payment will be done on share basis, academy can organize but cannot sponsor anyone.

Best work will be displayed on the front board and will be given a prize of appreciation.

If you do not obey the above rules you may be referred to the Institute Director.

If you are referred three times, suspension from the Institute is possible.

  • Once a student is admitted to the academy he/she shall be liable to pay the fees as prescribed.
  • Admission will be confirmed only after all documents are verified and course fees are paid.
  • All fees are listed in Indian rupees. The same amount is applicable to both Indian and international students.
  • All fees are listed in Indian rupees. The same amount is applicable to both Indian and international students.
  • All payments are to be made by cash, cheque or drafts, by the account payee only, made in favor of 'Shoots and Shoots'.
  • Cheques are subject to realization. If a cheque bounces back, Rs 500 of penalty will be applied.
  • Shoots and Shoots will not be responsible for any payment made to any other person than the authorized representative.
  • Course fees once paid are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • Late fine will be imposed, Rs 500/day after the first 5 days, Rs 1000/day after 10 days. Beyond that deadline, admission will be cancelled.
  • If a student is granted an installment plan, he/she is allowed to submit a post-dated cheque of the appropriate amount according to the fee chart for the given course, along with the admission form.
  • Fee policies are subject to change at the management's discretion. Appropriate notification will be given to all students.
  • Absence from the classes, whether with or without leave forms no ground for exemption of the operation of the above rules.
  • All disputes are subject exclusively to Delhi jurisdiction.

I declare that I have read and agreed the terms and conditions.

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