Shyam Prasad

shyam sir

Shyam Prasad is Director of Shoots & Shoots Photography and Film Academy in south Delhi, one of India's most well-known and reputed beauty, fashion, glamour and industrial photographer. Having lived and worked in Delhi and Mumbai for the last twenty-five years, Shyam Prasad has created innovative photographic images for all of India's leading advertising agencies, fashion designers, magazines and models. He’s no ordinary photographer. Talk about Shyam Prasad and a plethora of fantasy images come to mind - the very images he’s most famous for capturing on his camera.

Shyam Prasad opened his eyes to this beautiful world on the 17th of July 1971 in Delhi. Since that moment, it seems, his eye for creativity had also taken birth and has been looking all around to drench his thirst for beauty and creativity. From childhood, Shyam Prasad has a passion for photography. No one knew that this little boy will grow out to be a National Award winner for photography and ace dimensions in his creativity on photography. A simple looking Indian Shyam Prasad has a versatile and vast ruling on Fashion photography.

Shyam Prasad is one of the most promising fashion photographers on the scene. Right at the beginning of his career, he had in a short period managed to create amazing visuals with almost surreal images. His photographs are a swirling mix of black and white or a Kaleidoscope of colors etched with passion and poetic imagery. Suddenly in the fast-paced advertising world, Shyam Prasad is becoming a force to be reckoned with. He deals with clients from around the world with the same ease and simplicity as the ones next door.

Shyam Prasad learned to master various photographic techniques, troubleshoot, deal with the myriad of human sensitivities that make up the art and business of being a photographer. Today what makes Shyam Prasad's career strong is a repeat clientele who trust him implicitly to coordinate and produce all their advertising needs from conception to final printing.

Shyam Prasad is a senior body member to Indian Photographers’ Association because of his art of photography he is growing because of his learning attitude and creativity.

Photography, according to Shyam Prasad, is a special moment, a very special sequence where nature and its beauty is at its best. It’s the art of capturing the moments, the feelings, the real soul of the object.

Photography is still live life. Art of photography is not only about education which Shyam Prasad had undergone. It is that special eye and special spark which Shyam Prasad has and that makes all the difference. Its not a profession it’s a passion that can not be learned or copied it can only be lived and felt. It’s the eye of the soul, not the retina that decides the beauty behind the beast and the ugliness inside a beautiful package. This is what Shyam is all about – a versatile photographer having his base in the heart of India – Delhi who spends most of his time gazing around and doesn’t even take a split second to capture that special something moment in his all-time favorite sweetheart- Mamiya RZ Pro 2 with Digital back, Hasselblad medium format digital camera and 5D- Mark-4. Shyam Prasad is closely associated with leading newspapers, advertising companies, fashion magazines, TV channels, corporates, NGOs and world-renowned celebrities.

His studio provides full production services to clients; to include production coordination, art direction, locations, casting and styling. Apart from working in just about every part of India, Shyam has often been on assignment for both, Indian as well as international clients.

Besides going on mere words, his studio and his works talk on its own. I have been a witness innumerable times at his shoots and his works but still, I am not able to find words to explain further. It is a sheer honor to be associated with this unimaginably talented person.

As rightly said by someone in “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” and so is Shyam’s creativity and after journeying through the creative side of life since all these years now, today he has carved a special niche for himself. Shyam has and will always work towards making every moment memorable through this medium throughout this lifetime and shall continue capturing life into the frames and shots.

He holds a four-year degree (B.F.A.) in applied arts, also has had the privilege of holding the first division with distinction in the study from life, graphic design, photography and a three-year degree in BCom. He has more than a dozen prestigious awards to his credit. He wants to popularize photography at the international level.

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