Digital Certificate Course (18 HRS.)

    Course Curriculum

  • What is Photography
  • History of photography
  • Types of photography
  • Types of camera and its handling
  • (Analog & Digital 35mm)
  • Tripods and its handling
  • Basic Lenses / Optics
  • Basic camera settings
  • Shooting Modes { M, TV, AV, S, A, P, Full Auto }
  • Image format and it's quality
  • White Balance
  • Colour Temperature
  • Exposure
  • How to lock Exposure & Focus
  • Film speed / ISO
  • Aperture (F)
  • Shutter speed (S.S.)
  • Exposure
  • Basic Depth of field
  • Camera Setting inside and outside
  • Metering Mode
  • Exposure point and Focus point
  • Focusing Mode: Manual & Auto
  • Basic composition
  • Natural daylight shooting
  • Available artificial light shooting
  • How to shoot Portraits, mid and full-length
  • Basic Photoshop Editing
  • Show & discussion on outdoor daylight shoot
  • Talk on work Q/A rounds

Welcome to Shoots & Shoots Photography & Film Academy

Shoots and Shoots Photography and Film Academy is a visionary answer to the long-felt-need for a professional institute of photography and film making in India. Shoots & Shoots Photography and Film Academy was founded by Mr. Giri Raj Prasad (National and Shilp Guru Award winner) in 2004 at a prime location in South Delhi, with the aim to provide atmosphere to gain technical skills, creative freedom and aesthetic values in personal visual expression. The first and only one of its kind in the country, Shoots & Shoots Photography and Film Academy offers structured and career- oriented programs for aspiring and practicing photographers and film makers. We provide individualised high quality training in Fashion, Wild Life, Product, food, Nature and Macro Photography and short film, documentary, TVC, film making etc. We are trying to create a new generation with a difference. We provide high technical and practical training in photography and film making to the students, which give them benefits for their future experience. The academy provides access to a faculty of leading, international image-makers and film makers, who understand the latest technology, techniques and equipments. During our programs, students acquire the proficiency required by the professional world of photography and film making, transforming their personal passion into their professional career!

About The Director

Shyam Prasad is the director of Shoots & Shoots academy of photography and is one of India's most well-known and reputed beauty, fashion and glamour photographer. Having lived and worked in Delhi and Mumbai for the last twenty years, Shyam has created innovative photographic images for all of India's leading advertising agencies, fashion designers, magazines and models. No one knew that this little boy will grow out to be a NATIONAL AWARD winner for ace dimensions in his creativity. Photography, according to Shyam, is a special moment, a very special sequence where nature and its beauty are at its best. It’s the art of capturing the moments, the feelings and the real soul of the object. His all time favorite sweetheart is a Mamiya RZ Pro 2 with Digital back and 5D- Mark-2.

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