You would certainly agree that he is a “lovable” personality. He believes in growing up together, learning together and succeeding together. Shyma Prasad has put great impact on the students in a way by teaching them, building their inner self and making them stand out in the crowd.

Bhanu Wadhawan

(professional photographer & graphic designer)May 6, 2013 I have done advanced course from Shoots & Shoots academy under the guidance of Mr. Shyam Prasad, the owner of the academy. Shyam Sir is a very well known fashion photographer in the industry and a great teacher too. He has always been patient with everyone, sharing his part of knowledge and bringing the best out of students. I have learned a lot at the academy and have improved very much. The fees here is reasonable in comparison to other academies.
Nishant Rodey

Joined Shoots & Shoots academy in March 2017 upon recommendation from one of my friends. Absolutely fantastic experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes here. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to control camera and capture great pictures. All the faculties & staffs are superb and makes learning fun!!

Gunjan Jaiswal

I have been a student of Shoots and Shoots academy and I have personally been hugely benefited by the academy. For a nominal fee I had learnt a lot.They’re someone who will do everything as a faculty and mentor to take you to places. The faculty of this institute is not only great teacher but also great human being. and I personally experienced that unlike others photography institute money is not the only thing they are after.They provide excellent student support. They are very much approachable beyond class hours and have a very good rapport with most of the students, and help you in every way possible..even the support staff at Shoots and Shoots are incredibly helpful. I really had a positive experience with the academy and would recommend it to any budding keen photographer without a second thought, May 5, 2013.
Melinda Ruck

I`ve been living in India, New Delhi for the past four years, and I have to say that one of the best things that happened to me during these years was to study photography at Shoots & Shoots Photography Academy. In all these years I only experienced professionalism from Mr. Shyam Prasad, and respect for everyone that entered the doors of the Shoots & Shoots Photography Academy. He is a very dedicated teacher, who is not scared to go the extra mile when it comes to photography walks for the students in the weekends, or photography trips outside Delhi, or even studio shoots when needed for extra practice, May 7, 2013.
Harish Kumar

I am really feeling proud to be a part of Shoots and Shoots academy. I got whatever i paid for and not only during the course but also after the course I get assistance wherever i needed, May 5, 2013 .
Seema Gupta

Shoots ans shoots is a fantastic academy. Faculty really wants to teach and goes all out to make students proficient in their work. Emphasis is given on self improvement. It has been an incredible journey under the aegis of Mr Shyam Prasdad sir and rest of faculty including junior staff. Always a fun atmosphere at the academy amidst learning .
Sunil Garg

I have done photography course from Shoots and Shoots photography Academy and i learnt very well from there, now i am working professionally with the help of Shyam sir and i am really thankful to him. If i ever face any problem in this field he always stand with me to help me out.
Sagar Chhabra

Hi, I am Sagar Chhabra, and I m a student of Shoots and Shoots Photography Academy, i have done basic and advance course about 3 and half year back… and i am working as a Professional Photographer from last 3 years… still i am connected with this academy, its all because of Mr. Shyam Prasad sir. i have never seen a faculty like him ever… i have learned a lot from here, not only photography, i have also learnt about humanity… and even after passing from this academy if i face any problem he always help me out, May 6, 2013.
B. Szij

I would like to join the opinion of the majority of the above comments, as a former and current student of the SnS academy. I’ve had only positive experiences so far, so I’ll continue to recommend it to my friends as well, May 7, 2013.

I am doing my 3rd course with Sir Shyam Prasad at Shoots and Shoots (I started in 2011 with the basic course). And you know why? Because I never felt I would like to change for another photo school, May 6, 2013 .
Akshay Mishra

I my self a student of Shoots & Shoots Photography Academy and i am doing my advance course from this academy and my guru, my advisor, my everything in this photography field Mr. Shyam Prasad sir is a very kind hearted person. He is nice, helpful and friendly towards his students, May 7, 2013.
Indra Sharma

Dear Sir, I am very lucky that I have chosen Shoots & Shoots for learning photography. I did not know about ABC of photography but after learning some tips I feel good. Here students treat like a family and the way Shyam sir teach is appreciable he always ready to help us. One more thing that I would like to say that not only during the course but also after finishing the course we feel that still we are in the academy. We go out door tours and enjoy and learn photography. I came here only learn basic course but with their good behavior and excellent learning I did advance course and also I am thinking about professional course.
Ninik Woirgard

I am Ninik Woirgard. I am from Indonesia but live in France. Cause of my Husband’s Job, I moved to Delhi. I studied at Shoots and Shoots Photography. I got beautiful experience. Mr Shyam Prasad is the nicer teacher and honest. On April and May 2013 I came to visit my class again. Mr Shyam helped and welcomes me with big heart And I always recommend to all my friends expat, Foreigner and India friends about Shoots and Shoots Photography school, May 8, 2013.

My website http://www.studiosonu.com is the example of my learning of photography at S&S Academy. I am a professional photographer and doing all sorts of photos… We (group of people) Individually and as a group felt that Mr. Shyam Prasad is man of principals. Mr. Shyam Prasad is a renowned person. He is known by his work, his potentiality, soft spoken and with a clear and high vision. I wish Mr. Shyam Prasad go a long way and wish him all the best for his Academy. Last but not the least…. I would say he got the passion to teach photography… Today Where I stand, I say proudly Mr. Shyam Prasad blessings are with me and he made my life as a photographer, May 9, 2013.
Abhishek Mahajan

Mr. Shyam Prasad Sir, Personally tell you, he is a Man With a golden Heart…. Always Ready To Help Others, To Make Them Stand On their Feet, Gives The Best Advice, Give Chances To Everyone To Get his Experience At Its Best…..Even Shyam Sir have Taken Me With Him On His Clients Shoots Of Big Famous Companies… These Days Which School Of Photography Gives U Live Experience Nobody???& That To His Client’s…. He Gave Me full chance to shoot there…& Also Shyam Ji Took Us To a Model Shoot Of a Client…. Also When I Finished Up My Course & I was a Ex-Student now Then Also Shyam Ji Invites Me To Go With Him on His Shoots & Even Beared The Expences Of Mine, May 16, 2013.

I lived in New Delhi for 3 years and learned of Mr. Shyam Prasad’s photography school from a number of friends who had taken his courses. They always spoke highly of Mr. Prasad, so I joined his school as well. My only regret is that I did not join his school sooner. I found him to be always professional, talented and knowledgeable, and quite generous with his time. Not only was I instructed in photography in the classroom and studio, but also Mr. Prasad offered several outings each week, in and outside of Delhi. These shoots were an invaluable experience, not only from a photographic point-of-view, but also from a cultural perspective. The experiences in discovering Indian culture would not have been possible from any other source, and they will stay with me forever. I recommended Mr. Prasad’s school to a number of friends prior to leaving Delhi in late 2012, and I continue to do so now, June 20, 2013.

I came across Shoots and Shoots Academy thanks to my friend’s recommendation. I enjoyed every single class i had with Mr. Shyam Prasad. I found him very dedicate, soft spoken, and generous on passing his professional knowledge to his students. I have nothing to complain about him and the Academy. Instead, I would continue to recommend his courses to my friends, too, with no hesitation, May 18, 2013.
Anirudh Sharma

In my honest opinion Shyam Prasad is a person of strong character and is not only responsive to all queries regarding photography but also is a sensitive person at heart. There are numerous people who learned photography from Shoots & Shoots and today are professionals earning their livelihood from skills learnt and honed at Shoots & Shoots Photography Academy, May 8, 2013.
Parag Sharma

I am happy to say that shoots & shoots academy is the only institute where i have seen such a familiar atmosphere from the workers as well as from the Director Mr Shyam Prasad. As far as my confidence is concern, i got it from Shyam Prasad (Sir)…My salute is always with him, May 9, 2013.
Prashant Gautam

Amazing academy with the professional teacher , good behaviour and helpful staff. value for money place. this place gives you wonderful tours and experience in photography which helps us to improve our talent takes to another level. ;)
Renu Achtani
It's been an enriching experience in the shoots and shoots academy ever since I joined it. The faculty is pleasant and ready to teach, all in a friendly atmosphere. Allowing us to use all the equipment. The equipment is good and staff ever ready to help.
The phot walks and tours are the best as we have on the street guidance by faculty, staff and seniors.
Sangeet Ahuja
Four reasons why i liked this academy 1. Amazing Experience :D 2. A family like atmosphere 3. Highly experienced teachers 4. I would highly recommend to join this academy to get your skills enhanced in photography

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