S. Kumar

Hello All. It’s a great pleasure to introduce myself as S.Kumar working with SHOOTS ANDS SHOOTS ACADEMY in a teaching department of Photoshop and Product shoots.
I would like to highlight the start of my journey in art ...  I did fine arts in year 2007..with the successful completion of my program I parallelly participated in exhibitions in the year 2009 and sold out some paintings as well….In the year 2010,I did  graphic designing  in Photoshop , coral draw etc.
After my paintings, in the year 2015 I started doing photography. I have done my speculation in product shoots. And done product shoots for several companies. And sold some photographs also.
Delighted to be a part of SHOOTS AND SHOOTS ACADEMY…



Social Entrepreneurship

Shoots & Shoots Photography & Film Academy has earned immense reputation as an art institute. However, little do people know that Shoots & Shoots Photography & Film Academy cares and takes care of the society around…


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